BUSHIDOOur popular Kabuto collection adds compact Samurai helmets – BUSHIDO series. 
Most of the kabuto in this series are around H7 x D8 x W7.2cm. Even though they are palm-sized, the mini Samurai helmets are of an excellent standard in terms of their design and quality. Why don't you find great Samurai helmet (kabuto) ornament in our collection?


BUSHIDO series: Kusunoki, Tokugawa, Date, and Sanada
Material: Zinc based alloy
Finishing: 24k gold plated, painted

  • Kusunoki
  • Tokugawa
  • Date
  • Sanada


All our "BUSHIDO" collection is made in Takaoka-shi, Japan. The technologies and techniques for the replica helmets have been accumulated for over 400 years in the city. Principal parts of helmets are made of zinc-based alloy, which adds certain grace and dignity to the helmets. Our miniature replica of helmets are solid, detailed, and museum quality.

Yoroi Bitsu
Yoroi Bitsu

A black package is inspired
by Japanese old chest called Yoroi Bitsu,
which stored Samurai armour, kabuto and weapons.

Yoroi Bitsu

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